Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin: The Top Five Picks

October 24, 2021

The paddle is one of the essential Pickleball gears. The Pickleball paddle is smaller than the tennis racket, and it brings fun to the game.

Having a better paddle comes with its advantages. Hence, you should make sure you choose the best paddle in the market.

In the early days of the Pickleball invention, players used paddles made from wood. Today, thanks to immense technological advancement, you can get paddles built from a variety of materials. They have also evolved, becoming more durable and robust.

Picking the right paddle can be daunting. It would be best to consider several factors like weight, material, shape, and many more.

There are different paddles made for specific needs. In today’s article, we are going to look at the best Pickleball paddles for a spin.

Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin

There are so many Pickleball paddles, thanks to many sports gear manufacturers. Even though each paddle has something to offer, they are not all suitable for a spin.

Pickleball paddles for spin best suit advanced players, while others are for beginner players. After proper considerations of all the critical factors, I vouch for the Engage Encore Pro paddle.

It is our top pick for the best pickle paddle for a spin. Beginners and advanced players can both use this paddle to achieve that perfect spin.

Engage Encore Pro

The Engage Core Pro paddle is our best pick. The paddle has all the essential components that help the Pickleball ball to spin. 

The main thing that ensures spin is the premium quality fiberglass material. It offers a longer contact time between the paddle and the ball. 


  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11L x 8W x 2D Inches 
  • Material Polymer Core With Fiberglass Surface

Therefore, the longer the ball has contact with the paddle, the more you will control it. You will be able to make the several spin shots want. 

The Engage Core Pro paddles have excellent handling. The grip is comfortable, and it helps you maintain the mastery of the paddle. The polymer core helps the paddle to offer maximum power. 


  • Its design minimizes noise
  • The paddle comes in ten different designs
  • It’s the perfect paddle choice for pros


  • Expensive than other paddles 

Other Picks

Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle  

The Onix Graphite Z5 is the best professional quality paddle. It also has some fantastic spin-enhancing features and qualities. The paddle has a lightweight of 8.2 pounds that makes it easy to handle.

The spin is primarily due to the materials used to make the paddle. The inside part of the paddle has a paper honeycomb and Nomex, which make it powerful for top-flight Pickleball.

The outside surface uses graphite that enhances the ball-to-paddle contact, making the paddle perfect for a spin.

The paddle grip and wide body design make it superior to most paddles in the marker. You can surely use it to compete with the best Pickleball players in the world.


  • Great price for its quality
  • Wide 
  • Lightweight


  • It does not have a paddle cover

ProLite Crush Power Spin 

It is a mighty racket for both beginner and advanced players. The paddle is on the list because its surface can help you achieve the spin you need.

In addition to the splashes of blues that give it a great look, the paddle also has a small grip size that improves control, plus its lightweight feel makes it perfect for quick returns.

It uses the Quad-core TM Power polymer honeycomb cell technology, making it durable, withstanding any unfavorable conditions on the Pickleball court.


  • The design minimizes noise
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Wide  

Onix Evoke Premier 

The design of Onix Evoke Premier makes it great for reliable and robust play. The paddle uses the Atomic13 Edge Guard technology, which offers thin and sturdy protection.

It increases the speed and power of the paddle while reducing shock. The face lining of the paddle gives the ball a quick response.

The great thing is that the Evoke paddle comes in lightweight, medium, and heavyweight versions. The different weights allow you to decide whether you need extra power or speed.

The paddle’s face shape increases the shot strengths and coverage. It has a width of 8 inches which is large and offers that sweet spot.

The paddle will help you get the accuracy and control the Pickleball game better. The paddle core uses polypropylene, and this offers power.


  • Available in different weight ranges
  • Durable
  • Great grip

Gama Sports 2.0

It’s among the best budget great Pickleball paddles for a spin. However, it’s not as cheap as some of the wooden Pickleball paddles available in the market. 

However, if you love Pickleball a lot, you should not go for the cheap paddles. They won’t offer you’re the accuracy and power you need. Instead, get yourself a good Pickleball paddle such as the Gama Sports, open at a great price. 

The paddle has the Aramid honeycomb core that offers power, control and is also durable. The mid-weight Pickleball paddle comes in two finishes which are graphite or fiberglass. 

Therefore, you have the options of picking the surface that will help you make that great spin. It has a cushioned grip that makes it comfortable. 

With the Gama sport, you’ll get value for your money. The paddle is great for both beginners and advanced players.


  • It’s available in six different colors
  • Grip is sweat-absorbent 


  • Noisy

How To Pick The Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin 

Many professional Pickleball players do consider the ability of the paddle to offer a spin. A paddle with great spin ability will increase the rotation of the Pickleball ball as it comes off the paddle. Here are the crucial factors you need to look at when looking for the perfect spin paddle.


The weight is significant because it directly affects the power and control. A lighter paddle will offer you more control than heavier paddles.

The weight of the paddles usually ranges from a low of six ounces to a high of fourteen ounces. Any paddle below 7.3 ounces is light.

Light paddle needs less arm strength, plus it gives more head speed. Medium weight paddles are between 7.5 to 8.4 inches and are great for beginners.

It’s the best choice for players that are looking for both discretion and power. The Pickleball paddle between 8.5 to 9.5 ounces offers ability and pop than medium and light paddles.

They are suitable for Pickleball singles. However, the heavy paddles do need more arm strength and thus usually irritate the elbow.

Overall the weight of the paddle does affect your game. Go for a paddle with the right amount of weight for you. It’ll be more comfortable to hold and use.


The materials used in making the Pickleball paddles are user-friendly. Each material has its unique ability to spin the Pickleball ball.

The type of material also impacts the weight of the paddle. Graphite and composite materials are the most common when it comes to Pickleball paddles.

Other materials are plastic and wood. Plastic does not offer efficient performance, and therefore many manufacturers rarely use it.

Wood, on the other hand, offers the least expensive paddle but is also the heaviest.

The paddles made from graphite are smooth, making them feel great, plus they enhance control. The graphite paddles also offer high accuracy, more pop but less ball control because of their smooth surface. Hence, graphite paddles are the most expensive.

The composite paddle offers the best spins. They are also durable and have an outstanding level of touch and feel.

Grip Size 

Always go for a paddle that perfectly fits your hand. If the paddle grip size is too large for your hand, the paddle can slip from your grip and may lead to injuries. However, such paddles usually give more stability. Those with smaller grips enable more wrist action, and this enhances a more controlled spin.

Hitting Surface

For beginners, the Pickleball paddle with a broader hitting surface is the best. The wide hitting area will reduce the number of missed shots, plus it’s easier to make a soft drop shot.

The lightweight paddles do have a narrower hitting surface. Such paddles are great for advanced players.

There are several options when it comes to Pickleball shapes and sizes. Therefore you will indeed find something to work with perfectly.


The paddles reviewed above do have their unique features and benefits. Using any of the above paddles will enable you to make the spin you desire.

The reason behind this is because all of them are perfect for a spin generation. However, the paddles do offer varying quality in terms of rate and pace. Our best pick is the Engage Core Pro paddle.

Its design is unique and will surely help you get that high spin. Plus, it has an outstanding balance and is easy to maneuver.

Lastly, you should note that the paddle made from composite materials does offer the best spins. You can check out more about them.

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