Electrum Pickleball – Lighter Pickleball Paddle

April 1, 2022
Electrum Pickleball

Pickleball is a new game first established in America, and it resembles tennis. The game is similar to tennis, but players use short-handled bats in Pickleball. They use it to hit a small perforated plastic ball, passing over the net. 

Electrum Company is one of the leading merchandise firms in the Pickleball industry. Pickleball enthusiasts recognize it as a top brand that produces fine paddles. 

Its paddles suit most competitive players. Those playing the game will have a better experience with the electrum pickleball paddle because of the comfort. Plus, it has a state-of-art that is quite attractive and waterproof.

Brand Overview

Electrum Pickleball Company was for sports enthusiasts. The founders had a mission of making high-quality sporting products. 

The paddles by the company have advanced technology, and the Electrum Pickleball paddle is the most preferred.

The founders were two known serial entrepreneurs. The company relies on deep design with state of art from Silicon Valley that meets players’ needs. 

Electrum focuses on improving players’ experience and promoting the game. That’s to make it more famous globally.

It ensures this by producing high-quality paddles. A touch, feel, and use of Electrum paddles will leave you in love with the game. 

The Electrum pickleball paddle combines power and control without compromising the player’s needs. This paddle is preferred, especially for the shot makers.

Electrum Pickleball


  • Raw carbon fiber face technology 
  • Wider surface 
  • Textured finish
  • Sturdy 
  • Edge to edge sweet spot


  • Weight:7.9oz
  • Paddle Length: 15.5 inches 
  • Core Material: polypropylene honeycomb 
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25 inches 
  • Grip Length: 4 inches


Raw Carbon Fiber

Electrum pickleball paddle has raw carbon fiber face technology. The arrangement of the materials is uniform. The material makes it one of the lightest paddles.

A Pickleball player can paddle for a more extended period without getting muscle fatigue. When a paddle is slightly lighter, it reduces the chances of getting injuries that are repetitive in motion.

The Electrum Pickleball paddle is, therefore, among the lightest paddles. Plus, it has a longer life span than other paddles.

It may suit professional players and those that play the game for leisure or even the local competition.

Wider Surface

Electrum Pickleball paddles design offers a wide surface. Wide surface plus lightweight are advantageous since they deliver speed, spin, and precisions. As it targets professional players, the wider surface suits them since it is light.

You will love using it if you look for more power and reach. For such a game, it’s the best-recommended Pickleball paddle for you. 

As a professional player, the wider surface will have a perfect impact. In that, the player has more ability to produce more power and mobility in the game. 

Textured finish

A textured finish is also an important feature that most players check out in the Pickleball game. It increases the ball spinning speed and also makes it better. 

The Pickleball paddle player can accelerate more plus have more power with a textured finish than a smooth finish. A smooth paddle offers more pleasure and uses less energy. 

Therefore players tend to lose concentration in the middle of the game. Overall using a paddle with a textured finish is better and comes with several disadvantages. 


Materials used to make an Electrum Pickleball paddle are high quality. It means that they are long-lasting or durable. 

The Electrum Pickleball paddle can withstand pressure, damage, and wear. Therefore investing in the paddle will be the best thing to do.

Genuine leather makes this paddle more comfortable, plus the leather is in its natural form. It gives your hand a good feel. 

The Electrum Pickleball can be very lethal and intense in any competition. To outshine your competitors, you need to have a powerful paddle – one that you enjoy holding and swinging because it is comfortable and lightweight. 

Electrum Pickleball is undoubtedly the best choice. 

Edge to edge sweet spot

The paddle has a polypropylene and honeycomb core. The materials ensure the electrum Pickleball paddle has equal distribution of impact and power across the surface.

Why do we like this paddle?

  • It is USAPA approved.
  • It provides a perfect blend in terms of control and power.
  • Has an ergonomic leather wrapper that increases its comfort. 

Why we don’t like this paddle

  • It is costly


There are so many Pickleball paddles that are high quality and USAPA approved. The electrum company is one of the brands known for high-quality Pickleball paddles. 

All their products have unique features and standards. Electrum Pickleball has a high rank because of its technology, materials, and quality adjustments. 

If you are a professional, the Electrum Pickleball paddle is ideal because of its lightweight feature and sturdiness. Hence, it will be easier to compete with it.

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