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April 12, 2022
franklin pickleball bag

Many things entail a sound and complete pickleball player. One of these things includes finding the perfect pickleball bag suited for a player can be a more complicated task than expected.

A pickleball player should not just settle on any ordinary bag. A pickleball player should find a pickleball backpack designed for professionals.

The Franklin Pickleball bag gives you confidence in the quality and durability of your backpack, with enough space for all your pickleball equipment and additional personal effects.

Quick Overview of Brand

Franklin Sports is a reputable company that has been in the field of sporting goods products for many years, growing to be one of the biggest brands in the industry. The brand is famous for its idea of centering a full line of products on a single athlete.

Over the years, Franklin Sports has partnered with some top athletes to produce some of the most elegant sporting equipment with unmatched quality. 

The Franklin Pickleball Bag is one of their most impressive creations, being chosen as the official bag of the U.S open championships.

Franklin Pickleball Bag


The Franklin Pickleball bag is for professionals, designed with impressive attention to portability and quality.

The Franklin bag gives you confidence in the space and production for all your pickleball equipment and cell phone in a durable dual padded felt layer inside.

The Franklin bag’s adjustable straps support your shoulder and back and keep you ready for action.

The spacious ball pouches and the weather-resistant zipper make it easy to store your pickleball gear securely.

The Franklin bag delivers the capacity to carry up to six pickleball six paddles, leaving additional space for other personal effects.


  • Size: One size.
  • Color: Multi.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Sport type: Pickleball
  • Brand: Franklin Sports.


Impressive Portability

The Franklin Pickleball bag enables you to store more than your pickleball gear. The Franklin bag features a dual padded felt cell pocket and critical storage.

Large Storage

The large pockets of the backpack and inverted pouches with weather-resistant zippers keep all of your gear safe and organized. The bag effortlessly holds all of your pickleball and personal effects.

Back Support

The adjustable shoulder strap feature of the Franklin bag makes this backpack comfortable on a player’s back and shoulders. It helps in preventing muscle fatigue and shoulder pain.

Official Championship Bag

The Franklin Pickleball bag is the official bag of the U.S Open Pickleball Championships. It gives a player confidence in the design and quality of the bag since the top professionals in the sport use it. 

External Storage

In addition to the spacious internal storage provision, the Franklin bag has side pockets on its exterior for storing keys and other personal effects.

Fence Hook

The Franklin bag has a built-in fence hook that enables a player to quickly and safely store the backpack once on the court.

Ergonomic Shape

The Franklin bag is designed with an ergonomic shape, making it easy to carry without causing strain on the back and shoulders.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

The bag has adjustable shoulder straps, which make the bag easy to carry on the back and shoulder.

What we like about Franklin Pickleball Bag

  • Superior Comfort

The adjustable shoulder pads and support pads make the bag very comfortable.

  • Lots of storage room

The bag has big storage pouches for keeping all pickleball equipment and other personal effects.

  • Style

The Franklin Pickleball bag is the official bag of the U. S. Open pickleball championships. It is also the pickleball bag used by the top-rated professionals in the sport.

  • Quick storage

The Franklin Pickleball bag fence hook feature gives the player the advantage of quick storage on the pickleball court.

  • Beautiful Design

The articulate detail in its finishing with color variations on the pockets, the straps, and the zips come out very beautifully.

  • Cell Phone Pocket

The felt line cell phone pocket of the Franklin bag enables you to safely keep your phone, allowing you to enjoy your game without worry.

What We Don’t Like about Franklin Pickleball Bag

  • Weak Straps

The adjustable straps break after prolonged use.

  • Small Size

Despite the spacious interior, the bag is a bit small for a player with a lot of equipment.


The Franklin Pickleball bag is a revolutionary design in pickleball backpacks of the highest quality with a comfortable strap to keep players ready to play. Any player looking for a backpack designed for professionals would find this bag the best.

The large storage room provides the capacity to carry your pickleball and paddles and still leaves extra space for your additional effects. The Franklin bag protects your equipment with its felt line pockets. This bag is both elegant and magnificent.

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