Gearbox CP7: Ultimate Review

April 14, 2022
gearbox cp7

The Gearbox equipment is quite popular in the Pickleball industry. They are famous for their unconventional and innovative approach to making Pickleball paddles. 

Paddles from the Gearbox are high-performance, and you’ll feel the difference from the court. They have an original collection unique to the Gearbox: Pickleball paddles. Players love them!

The Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle is the Gearbox’s first foray into the poly core. It means it doesn’t use the carbon fiber design like other lines of Gearbox Pickleball paddles. 

There has been too much buzz about Gearbox CP7, and many players want to know whether the buzz is worthwhile. Check out the outstanding features of gearbox CP7 to help you make the purchase decision. 

Overview of the Product

Gearbox Company is only a decade old and already making excellent Pickleball paddles.

The company’s founder is Rafael Filippini, a famous professional racquet ballplayer. Filippini has more than 25 years of experience in the composite industry. He had the dedication to making the Gearbox better through learning and creating revolutionary technology. 

The Gearbox aims to make revolutionary products for athletes. The company did start by manufacturing racquetball equipment and rackets. Later, it expanded its services and products to Pickleball to reach Pickleball players. 

Production of Pickleball paddles did start in 2015, and today it has some of the best Pickleball paddles in the market. Pickleball and racquetball are pretty different sports. However, the Gearbox uses the same techniques to make high-quality Pickleball paddles that improve players’ experience and make the Pickleball game more fun. 

Today, the Gearbox company focuses on making every player’s Pickleball experience better. It takes tremendous pride in creating Pickleball paddles that enhance performance and are highly durable.

The entire line of Gearbox Pickleball paddles come with several benefits such as: 

  • One year warranty
  • Edgeless construction
  • Durable and reliable
  • USAPA-approved 

Gearbox CP7

The Pickleball paddle is famous for its edgeless design. The Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle is very durable and will help you showcase high-quality performance. 

It also possesses an optimized sweet spot technology that makes it lovable to all players, including beginners and professionals. 

As a Pickleball player, it is crucial to choose a paddle with unique features that allow it to give a lifetime performance. 


  • Glass fiber and carbon fiber face
  • Hyper bite spin technology
  • Crisp and soft feel
  • Advanced composite technology
  • USAPA approved
  • It offers both power and control
  • Molded handle for better grip
  • Individually handcrafted


  • Handle size: 4-inch circumference
  • Warranty: one year
  • Item weight: 7.8 oz.
  • Face material: carbon fiber and glass fiber blend


Advanced Composite Technology

Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle features a high-level technology which makes it high performance. 

The Gearbox CP7 has a surprising strength to weight ratio. It also can withstand pressure and damage.

The technology is essential as it helps the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle to have a stable form. It prevents the Pickleball paddle from being crushed gradually. It, therefore, prevents the Pickleball paddle from wearing faster than expected. 

Also, the advanced composite technology prevents the Gearbox from environmental-related exposures. It may include things such as moisture etc.

Power with Control

Power and control are crucial when it comes to Pickleball games.

The Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle has exceptional power and control. You will always have stable control, even under intense games or pressure.

Hyper bite spin technology

The technology offers more ball bites for the maximum required spin on demand. Therefore, your serves will be pretty unique and tricky to defend.

Molded handle

The molded handle feature increases the strength of the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle. In addition, it helps in the inclination process where you are not distracted by sharp surfaces. 

It makes it easier for you to make the entire forward strokes more systematically with control as a player.

Individually handcrafted

This Gearbox is crafted manually using hands. In essence, it can meet the user’s requirements. They are waterproof as and are also eye-catching.

Why do we like the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle?

  • It is stable with excellent maneuverability
  • The hyper-bike spin technology
  • It is soft with a crisp feel
  • USAPA also approves it 

Why we don’t like the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle

  • It cracks easily


The Gearbox CP7 is widely known for its excellent edgeless paddles with spectacular longevity and quality. The Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle has incredible power and control.

Therefore, with the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle, you will surely enjoy the game. It is light, which reduces extreme stretches in your joints and fatigue. 

Since the Gearbox CP7 Pickleball paddle is made in California and founded by a professional player, the company better understands what players need. It meets all the requirements and solves the paddle-related issues for the players.

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