Gearbox Gx6 Control Pickleball Paddle Review- Critique

April 4, 2022
gearbox gx6 control pickleball paddle

Pickleball is a fun-filled and competitive game that incorporates the elements of several racket games. 

It would help if you had an excellent pickleball paddle to gain a competitive edge over your friends or opponents, and that’s where the Gearbox Gx6 control paddle comes in.

The magnificent Gearbox Gx6 Control paddle is a game-changer in the field with its unmatched quality and durability brought by its one-of-a-kind solid span technology.

Quick Overview of Brand

The Gearbox is a company with years of experience and extensive research in producing quality equipment in racquet sports. Backed by a founder with over 25 years of experience in the field, Gearbox has done research aimed at quality and durability in its products.

The company has grown over the years, diversifying into more games like pickleball and paddleball. Hence, they’ve produced some of the best equipment in the field. For example, the Gx6 gained attention due to the extensive detail in its longevity and quality.

Gearbox Gx6 Control Pickleball Paddle Review 


The Gx6 control pickleball paddle is one of the best in the field, with extensive attention to detail and quality. Its innovative solid pan technology increases its durability and gives it a competitive edge over other paddles. Moreover, its seamless edgeless frame with the traditional standard handle length makes handling quite comfortable while providing power to your shot.


  • Size:  8.5oz 3-5/8
  • Grip size: Array
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Sport type: Pickleball
  • Manufacturer: Gearbox
  • Packet weight: 0.26 kilograms


Paddle build quality

The company exerted effort for extensive research and testing, making the durability of the Gx6 paddle one of the highest in the market. For example, the innovative solid pan technology patented technology of the Gearbox gives sharp detail to the durability of the paddle.

You can trust the paddle to give you the best and perform at the same top-level for the longest time without defects.

Slim Aerodynamic Frame

The paddle frame has a slim and aerodynamic shape which massively increases the paddle maneuvering ability by reducing the friction between the paddle and air.

The aerodynamic frame massively increases the speed of the swings making this paddle one of the fastest rackets in the field with a massive response time. 

The efficiency a rate of the return shot is vital in pickleball, and this design makes the swing smooth and fast.

Extended handle length

It is vital to pay keen attention to the comfortability of the paddle owing to the many arm movements during swinging in pickleball. 

This paddle has an elongated handle which enables a player to adjust their grip at the point of most comfort. Moreover, the elongated handle makes the player comfortable making two-handed backhand and front hand shots.

Edgeless frame

The edgeless frame design of this paddle provides a broader surface area for the hitting surface. It massively reduces the number of mishits and makes this paddle effective for both professionals and beginners.

Large Sweet Spot

The sweet spot of the Gx6 paddle is massive, extending from the center of the paddle all around the hitting surface to the edgeless ream. It massively optimizes the ball response from any hit at any point on the surface.

It gives you a massive competitive edge with efficiency in your hits.

Dampener System

Another fantastic feature of the solid pan technology is the dampener system. It provides impressive vibration control, which gives you a unique and comfortable feel behind your shot.

What we like About Gearbox GX6 Control Pickleball Paddle

  • Aesthetics

The Gx6 has a beautiful design that is efficient and appealing to see. The aerodynamic shape is exquisite, and the edgeless design is delightful.

  • Great Impact Absorption

The comfort behind the shots is very desirable. The paddle has excellent vibration absorption and a very comfortable feel.

  • Great Edge design

 The edgeless design is excellent, providing a wider hitting surface allowing you to get great shots from all paddle points. It also makes the paddle quite comfortable to use, even by beginners.

  • Quality

The Gx6 paddle has taken quality to a whole new level, with it being very durable. The paddle gives top performance even after frequent use.

What We Don’t Like About Gearbox GX6 Control Pickleball Paddle

  • Ergonomics

There is a strain to the wrist after prolonged use of the paddle despite its extended handle.

  • Inconsistency of hitting surface

The intensity of the shot dies out slowly as you move out of the sweet spot.


The success of a pickleball player relies a lot on the amount of support the paddle provides. Hence, apart from the fact that the Gx6 paddle is just a beautiful design, its comfort is on another level.

The impact absorption levels and ergonomics allow you to play at the top of your game. Moreover, its quality and durability will enable you to use your gear confidently.

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