Head Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle: The Ultimate Paddle

April 1, 2022
head gravity lite pickleball paddle

Pickleball has gained popularity over the years, given its tennis, table tennis, and badminton mix. Given that people can play it professionally, sports brands have aimed to produce top-notch paddles.

The HEAD company is at the forefront. They have been in the game for a long, but they are also the most trusted sports company to date. Head is known for its different sports gear, with pickleball paddles having four models.

HEAD Gravity Lite pickleball paddle is one of its latest models, designed with both beginners and advanced gamers in mind. This article reviews this new pickleball paddle.

HEAD Brand Overview

HEAD is one of the best brands in the sports industry. They have made strides in the 70+ years that they have been in existence. 

The founder, Howard Head, made headway with metal skis while the rest of the industry was still using wood. 

The head company has also pioneered aluminum in tennis racquets, an invention ahead of its time. 

Over the years, the Head company has increased its ventures to include other apparel. Although they have a diverse line of sports models, they have a great line of pickleball paddles.

 What Makes them Stand Out?

  • The Head company has a creative design known as the Hybrid Hitting Surface. This innovation has made it easy for users to make accurate hits and controlled hits, and powered delivery.
  • Another outstanding innovation from the Head brand is the extreme 3D Spin. It features a textured feel and modified frame that offers better control and efficient hit spin.
  • The brand has incorporated a sweet-spot power core. They are made from polypropylene material, making the paddle lighter than most but offering enough thickness for better play and lightweight nature.

Head Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle Review


  • Lightweight design
  • Graphite hitting surface 
  • A textured surface for more control and grip
  • Features Head’s HHS (hybrid hitting surface) technology


  • Brand: ‎HEAD 
  • Handle Length: 114.3 millimeters
  • Paddle materials: Core-Polymer 
  • Surface: Graphite
  • Paddle dimensions: length- 400.10 millimeters
  • Width: 206 millimeters 
  • Grip measurements: 108 millimeters 
  • Grip type: HydroSorb Pro
  • Weight: ‎0.47 pounds
  • Package measurements: ‎424 x 249 x 26 millimeters 
  • Warranty: ‎1-year manufacturer
  • Item color: ‎Blue/Grey
  • Material:  ‎Graphite


Head Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle Comes with great features for this price point. The company designed it for enjoyment and efficiency. Here are some of the outstanding features.

  • Hybrid Hitting Surface (HHS)

Head has been a leader in technology and innovation, with HHS being its recent advancement. This feature is a blend of two materials (graphite and composite fibers) designed to improve the player’s accuracy and playability; with better grip, more restraint, and vitality.

  • Comfort Grip

The paddle has the ultimate design for comfort, made possible because of the ethylene-vinyl acetate material on its grip.

A player can make hits without the repercussions of vibrations because of the shock-absorbing properties. It also has enough grip without losing the comfort value.

  • Extreme 3D Spin

This feature is especially great for professional players because it offers more Spin after a hit. The texture on the paddle allows the user more spins which results in favorable control and play. The ease of use makes it advantageous for beginners.

  • Handle Stabilizer

This unique technology incorporates augmented solutions that help a player handle the paddle without dealing with unnecessary recoil when making a hit. It combines comfort and power in play.

  • Sweet-Spot Power Core

This feature makes play more accessible and more efficient. It is a design technique that involves a PP core that is wider and lightweight. The new frame makes it much easier to handle but maintains comfort.

It maximizes impact energy while giving the player an easy and enjoyable time—especially for beginners.

Why We like it

  • It is designed to be lightweight while maintaining its power
  • Players hold a firm grip throughout the play.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It is excellent for beginners.

Why We Don’t Like It

      ×   It is pricier compared to other paddles of the same quality.


The Head Gravity Lite Pickleball Paddle is not just my paddle—the company designed it to meet the specific needs of any pickleball player. The Gravity light paddle can assist you in navigating the sport whether you’re a novice, an enthusiast, or an expert.

It is a worthy investment with outstanding features and overall ergonomic and aesthetic design. Take a chance and enjoy the sleek design coupled with a firm grip and sweep sport power core for effortless and powerful play. The price is worth it.

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