Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review: Ultimate Paddles

April 5, 2022
head gravity pickleball paddle review

Getting the right paddle for Pickleball can be tricky, especially for starters. It is a delicate game, so slight mistakes in choosing a paddle could significantly impact how you play. The difference can affect your win rate, so it’s crucial to keep a close eye on your choices.

HEAD is a reputable brand that produces a lot of indoor game equipment, so it might be worth it to look into their products and see what they have for you. Let’s look at the HEAD gravity Pickleball paddle to see how well it holds up.

Overview Of The Brand 

When looking for sporting equipment, it is crucial to consider the company and its reputation to know how well its product will hold up. 

When it comes to prestige, HEAD has one of the best ones in tennis, skiing, and Pickleball because of years of high-quality products. They create excellent Pickleball paddles that work well for beginners and advanced players, helping players progress with their careers.

Pickleball is a delicate game, and its equipment needs a light touch to give you complete control over the ball. That’s what HEAD aims to deliver. The company ensures players get this control, allowing them to play at their best with their fantastic grip, comfort, and superior design. Their paddles also give total control and stability as you play. They create cores that make smooth contact with the ball and provide power without compromising accuracy.

HEAD also offers warranties on all its products. Such assures quality, giving you a full-year warranty for the HEAD gravity Pickleball paddle. This guarantee is helpful since you will not need to spend extra if the paddle is damaged during shipping or within the first year.

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

The HEAD Gravity Pickleball paddle is the best product for an advanced player that wants to make quick switches between the forehand and backhand due to its fantastic design. It allows for reasonable control and quick movements that make a big difference in a game.


  • Hybrid hitting surface
  • Sweetspot power core
  • Extreme 3D spin
  • Handle Stabilizer technology


  • Brand: HEAD
  • Item weight: 225 Grams
  • Material: PP + GF + CF
  • Grip size: 105 mm and 98 mm
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Width: 206.5 mm


Comfort grip system

This product has a material with a unique PU formulation on the handle to allow it a better grip as you use it. The hold will not deteriorate as you sweat, so you won’t have to deal with a slippery paddle as you go further into the game.

The handle also dampens vibrations when you hit the ball, taking some pressure off your wrist to allow maximum playability and comfort.

Hybrid hitting surface

The HEAD Gravity Pickleball paddle will be an excellent choice for people who want more control over the ball. Why? The paddle has a fantastic blend of materials that ensures this. A hitting surface has a significant impact on the ball, so you must account for it.

Moreover, this paddle’s surface will give you the perfect blend of power, comfort, and stability to ensure you win the game. You will also get an adequate grip on the ball for spins and other trick shots.

Massive Sweetspot shape

This paddle is a bit wider than most on the market, offering a broader surface on which you can hit the ball. Therefore, you have a larger sweet spot. This surface increases your control over the ball, and a more extended handle makes you reach further.

Extreme 3D spin

The more flexible you are with a Pickleball paddle, the better your chances of winning. Such a feature is a big part of the HEAD gravity Pickleball paddle. It has a long handle that works well for forehand and backhand players.

The best part is how easy it is to switch from one form. Players can do it effortlessly in a game without worrying about how they will land the hit.

Handle stabilizer technology

This product has a fantastic reinforcement solution in the handle that ensures better dampening and strength, which translates to better performance. 

You will have less strain on your wrist and more control over the ball, increasing the chances of a win.

What we like about the HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle

  • It has handle-stabilizing technology to increase performance
  • It features a hybrid surface that offers reasonable ball control
  • It provides a comfortable grip surface 

Why we don’t like the HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle

  • It is rather expensive


The HEAD Gravity Pickleball paddle is a fantastic product. It will work great for most people, whether an individual is a beginner or a professional. It has the best technology to help you attain maximum control over the ball and play your best.

Features like handle stabilization and the hybrid surface will give you a slight advantage that might be all you need to win. We hope that our Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review has helped you decide whether or not you should buy this paddle.

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