Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle – Best for Every Player

April 14, 2022
onix outbreak pickleball paddle

Onix outbreak pickleball paddle is a more modernized paddle that plays multiple roles. You can choose to use it when playing tennis and also when playing pickleball sport. 

The Onix outbreak pickleball paddle is high-quality. It would be best if you bought it to have a noble chance of using this Onix outbreak paddle to serve the overhead shot. 

It is the most familiar Onix pickleball line because of its great touch and control. The Onix outbreak pickleball paddle has a design that allows beginners, intermediate, and even professional players.

Product overview

Onix outbreak pickleball is among the most dominant companies specializing in making the paddles and other necessary equipment for the sport. The manufacturing of these pickleball paddles is in Mexico.

Escalade sport did repurchase the popular Onix sport in 2015. The main aim was to fill the turmoil in the gaming industry. 

In addition, the company strengthens its muscles to proceed with the production of high-quality pickleball paddles and other sportswear for the same game.

It made more steps in the pickleball game by introducing different types of paddles. Since it is a new and competitive game, more like tennis, it has a wide range of paddles used by amateurs and professionals.

Onix outbreak Pickleball Paddle


  • Graphite face
  • Largest sweet spot
  • Polypropylene Core
  • Perfect Weight
  • TeXtreme Technology


  • Item weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Size: one size
  • Brand: Onix


Graphite Face

Onix outbreak pickleball paddles are made and designed with a graphite face. This feature gives it a lightweight, slightly inelastic. It is crucial as it helps even spread the ball and strikes it consistently over a wider paddle area.

The paddle has a graphite face design that allows it to have a honeycomb interior. The pickleball is used mainly by the adult players since they find them to be more comfortable.

Many pickleball players love the Onix outbreak face because it has very little texture. It always imparts less spin, but they are vital since they control the shots.

The Onix outbreak pickleball paddle has graphite but is not heavy. It has a revolutionary technology that reinforces it while increasing strength and stiffness.

Largest Sweet Spot

Pickleball players know how crucial the paddles’ large sweet spot is. If you need an Onix paddle with a large sweet spot, consider the Onix outbreak Pickleball.

The large sweet spot is excellent for all players since it enhances the overall power and dominance of the ball.

Polypropylene Core

Polypropylene core has an increased thickness. This feature gives the player a better touch, pop, and a high level of power needed in a game.

If a player is looking for control and power on a middle ground, add the Onix outbreak pickleball in the choices. It is a well-rounded option for many games.

Perfect Weight

Onix outbreak pickleball paddle has a perfect weight, which means it weighs 8.2 ounces. It gives you, as the player, the maximum and perfect spin, and you can maximize the control.

It also gives you that perfect touch, that is, if you like to hit drop shots and dink. It also gives you a faster response period, especially when you are at the net and the opponent blasts the ball towards you.

Extreme Technology 

Since it is the first brand to have this technology, the Onix outbreak paddle is becoming more popular. It has an exciting checkerboard look attached to it.

The feature is vital as it increases the pickleball stiffness and paddles of the main face and its functionality. The technology also increases control. 

Why we like Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

  • It has improved durability
  • Large Sweet spot – increases ball control and consistency.
  • Less player flex improves players’ ability
  • Perfect weight making it easier to spin 
  • Graphite face to control the shot
  • It is slightly cheap to acquire and maintain.

Why we don’t like Onix Outbreak Pickleball Paddle

  • The handle has sharp edges. 


The Onix company has made several advancements in terms of Pickleball paddle construction.

When you compare the traditional pickleball paddle with the latest Onix outbreak pickleball paddle, you will realize that the level of technology-enhanced on it is on a higher level.

There are different brands of pickleball paddles. However, Onix is more modernized. The pickleball design’s technology level has given it an upper hand in the market.

It is not biased as you may relate to other paddles. Onix outbreak pickleball paddle is considerate to everyone who wishes to join the sport, from a kid to an adult, from an amateur to a professional player.

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