Paddletek Phoenix LTE – Lightweight option

April 14, 2022
paddletek phoenix lte

Investing in a high-quality paddle should be a priority whether you’re a beginner or a professional Pickleball player. You can bank on Paddletek paddles because of their fantastic design and building.

Paddletek is a household name in the Pickleball industry and an old company. Moreover, the company is famous for its affordable paddles with excellent warranties.

Paddletek phoenix LTE is one of the high-functioning paddles from Paddletek. It has incredibly high features, making it perfect for beginners and professionals.

Here is more information about the Paddletek phoenix LTE.

Overview of the Brand

Paddletek is a recent company and did start its processes in 2010. The company’s founders were Cody Smith and his brother, Curtis Smith, who did join the company later.

Its beginnings were quite humble—its founders could talk to their potential customers. The brothers could go to the national Pickleball tournament and engage amateur and professional players.

After interactions and extensive research, Paddletek had the perfect idea of what Pickleball ballplayers love and need on their paddles.

Paddletek LLC is in Niles, MI, America. The company’s mission is to make game-changing Pickleball paddles that are technically superior. The company uses high-grade materials and processes to achieve its mission of making exceptional paddles. 

Paddletek proudly makes all their paddles from the United States of America. It reflects the company’s craftsmanship and quality design. In addition, all Paddletek paddles have a limited lifetime warranty.

Paddletek Phoenix lte

If you need a lightweight paddle with much power, then Paddletek phoenix LTE is ideal. The paddle has a polymer core that is so responsive and offers pop. 

In addition, it has fiberglass, a honeycomb frame, and a vinyl overlay. What a piece! All these features make it exceptional. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable grip
  • Responsive polymer
  • Easy handling 


  • Item weight: 7.2 oz.
  • Grip size: 4 ¼ inches
  • Color: blue, red
  • Handle: 4 ½ inches 


Honeycomb Polymer and Fiberglass Face

These features make the Paddletek phoenix LTE Pickleball paddle construction so accurate. The paddle will help you display next-level skills and performances. 

However, the paddle is lightweight, which impacts power. You will surely lose some power amount. The polymer is also so responsive and offers plenty of pop.

Polymer core is known to be quiet, and this means the Pickleball phoenix LTE isn’t loud. Overall it’s a noise ordinance-friendly Pickleball paddle.

Lightweight Construction 

The lightweight construction makes the paddle easy to handle. The paddle weighs only 7.2 oz. which is feathery light. Therefore, it’s an ideal paddle for beginner players and veterans. 

The fiberglass face will ensure you have a much better spin. Paddletek phoenix LTE also offers outstanding ball control. 

As a Pickleball player, you certainly know the importance of weight and weight balance in the Pickleball paddle. The paddle gravity center is on its head, and it’s the area where power originates. 

The lightweight feature will allow precise and soft control over the ball. It would be best if you got the paddle—you’ll surely experience a tremendous change in performance.

Standard Size and Grip Circumference

Paddletek phoenix LTE handle is standard size at 4 ½ inches. The grip circumference is also standard at four ¼ inches. 

Overall the size is perfect for almost all hands. 

Moreover, it makes the paddle ideal for people of both genders and will offer the needed comfort. If you have large hands, you will have to apply an extra grip to use it ideally.

Comfortable Contoured Grip

Some people love the contoured grip because of its uniqueness. The contoured grip is unique for its ridges, and you can feel the grip in your hands. 

Paddletek phoenix LTE has excellent features and construction that make it great for both beginners and professional players. The paddle has a standard grip and is lightweight.

The grip makes the Paddletek phoenix LTE ideal for beginners who don’t have intuitive paddle positioning yet. Hence, the contour grip style is becoming more standard in most beginners’ paddles.

These features also make the paddle perfect for old players, those with arm issues, and children. Overall the paddle is what you need for your Pickleball career and is affordable.

Why We Like Paddletek Phoenix LTE

  • Good construction and durable
  • Polymer core
  • Lightweight 
  • Offers ample power
  • Decent grip size
  • Comfortable contoured grip

Why We Don’t Like Paddletek Phoenix LTE

  • Small grip 
  • Lightweight


There are several lines of Paddletek Pickleball paddles, and choosing the best paddle can be pretty tricky. As mentioned, the Paddletek brand is one the household names in the Pickleball industry and did start as a family business in 2010. 

Today, it’s among the top manufacturers of Pickleball equipment and has a mission of developing great Pickleball paddles.

The Paddletek phoenix LTE is famous for its lightweight polymer core and other technologies. It will give you a cutting edge in the game, and you’ll surely outplay most of your opponents. Lastly, the paddle is quite affordable and durable—you won’t regret investing!

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