Pickleball Galaxy: Making the Right Choice

April 5, 2022
pickleball galaxy

All Pickleball players, beginner or professional, find difficulty choosing the right Pickleball paddle. There are many Pickleball paddles options out here, and all have unique features.

Today, the best way to choose a Pickleball paddle is to read buying guides and previous buyers’ reviews. However, finding a clear and precise buying guide that perfectly breaks down a product’s features is tricky.

If you have considered buying a Pickleball galaxy, you’re reading the right article. Here you’ll find a comprehensive description of the Pickleball galaxy and many more.

Overview of the Brand 

The Pickleball Now company supplies various Pickleball equipment, such as accessories, balls, paddles, grips, bags, and nets. The brand proudly offers high-quality and affordable Pickleball paddles for all skill-level players and budgets. Paddles from the brand are famous for their value, performance, and quality. Pickleball galaxy is one of the many lines of Pickleball now paddles.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or beginner, as the brand offers various Pickleball paddles ideal for different types of players.

Pickleball now has high-quality wood paddles with a budget-friendly polymer core for beginners. There is also graphite face Pickleball paddles. Regardless of design, all are of great value and have excellent quality paddles.

If you are a professional Pickleball player, many high-performance paddles are USAPA approved. The paddle’s design and engineering ensure they offer maximum performance. You can check the brand’s official page and access their comprehensive free eBook.

The eBook is ideal for beginner Pickleball players since it has all the information on playing Pickleball. That includes the rules, how to score, and strategies. It also has a buying guide with information on choosing a Pickleball paddle and some of the popular terminologies in the Pickleball game.

Meanwhile, Pickleball Now was acquired by Escalade sports, a famous company in the sports industry. Escalade Sports Company has a promise of delivering high-quality products. It does this by embedding craftsmanship and innovation into each piece of equipment and game. Their paddle will help you fuel perfect shorts and experience epic plays that live you with life stories.

The company headquarters is in Evansville, Indiana. Moreover, they make all their products here and distribute them globally.

Pickleball Galaxy

The premium Pickleball paddle set will surely elevate your game. It packs 2 USAPA-approved Pickleball paddles. It means they meet our high quality and meet all the requirements.


  • All-round performance 
  • It has a quality design 
  • The paddles grip has a comfortable feel
  • It offers all-around performance


  • Model: Intro set 
  • Brand: Pickleball Now 
  • Item weight: 7.6 oz.


All-Around Performance

Whether you are a professional or beginner Pickleball player, you’ll enjoy the range of pickleball galaxy services. 

The paddle is ideal for all-around performance. That includes good balancing power that allows you to make accurate shots. 

The Pickleball paddle has a great core and face that improve placement, ball control, and overall spin. It means you’ll have the edge over your competitors.


The paddle is so comfortable to play with, making it more convenient. It has a contoured grip, a feature that most Pickleball players love. It makes it feel so comfortable in hand.

Plus, there’s its specific carry bag that makes adds convenience in terms of storage and movement.

Quality Design

The Pickleball galaxy is easily noticeable, and most Pickleball players pick it up.

Another selling point is that a reputable company, Escalade sports, makes it. It’s a company dedicated to making high-end Pickleball paddles, balls, and other equipment.

The Pickleball galaxy has high-end material. Moreover, it packs the best technologies in the Pickleball paddle market and expert craftsmanship. Each paddle weighs about 7.6 0z. It makes it an ideal choice for both professional and beginner Pickleball players.

Premium Pickleball Paddle Set

Pickleball galaxy possesses a premium Pickleball set that will surely elevate your game. The packaging has a set that includes 2 USAPA-approved Pickleball paddles. You can use them for the training for Pickleball matches.

What We Like About Pickleball Galaxy

  • It comes in a set 
  • USAPA approved 
  • Comfortable 
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals 

What We Don’t Like About Pickleball Galaxy

  • Poor warranty


The Pickleball sport is quickly gaining popularity among Americans. The sport is ideal for people of all ages and helps keep them active. You don’t need to be a superstar to play the game, and it has other benefits, such as it’s a form of exercise. 

All you need to play Pickleball sport is a Pickleball court, understand the game’s rules and have the Pickleball ball and others such as nets.

However, the Pickleball paddle is the most crucial element of the sport. The Pickleball paddle determines the short type, spin, and other things in the game.

With the Pickleball galaxy, you have all you need. The paddle offers a next-level experience and has a simple and classic look. It comes with a warranty and is perfect for both professionals and beginners.

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