Prince Pickleball Paddle Review: Getting The Best

April 1, 2022
prince pickleball paddles

You need to get the best Pickleball paddle from the best brand to ensure you have the best experience playing Pickleball. All these factors trickle down to you knowing the right company to go to and getting the right products from them.

One of the popular Pickleball gear companies in the US is Prince, and it will come up in your list of considerations. They have several unique products you could get from Prince, so let us look at their Pickleball paddles and see if you will like them.

Overview Of The Brand

Prince is a brand that brings innovative ideas to its products to help produce something that will work better than other paddles. 

You have the assurance of quality and high performance from this product, and they come at an affordable price.

There are different grip sizes to choose from, and in most cases, you get a perfect size. The technology in these paddles is top tier and will be worth every penny you spend. Their handles are a particular sensation for most users, and you will appreciate their performance.

Prince Pickleball Paddle Review

There are several Prince Pickleball paddles on the market, and you might have a hard time choosing one unless you know the features each offer. Here is a list of their top products that will make your final choice easier:

  1. Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle


  • Brand: Prince
  • Item weight: 250 Grams
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Grip size: Array
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Width: 209.5 mm


Enhanced edges

The design of this paddle gives an enhanced feel on the edges that increase your sweet spot and makes the ball easier to control. The design and size make it a good choice for beginners.

Vibration absorption feature

This paddle has a fantastic design to absorb most of the impact and vibrations from hitting the ball. It makes the game more comfortable, reduces fatigue, and increases your chances of winning.

Progressive core technology

The core in this paddle will absorb vibrations and deliver all the force you let out, complimenting your playing style. You will like this paddle if you like hard shots, as it accentuates your power and delivers all of it. 

Several options to fit you

Prince gives you the size and weight options with this model to ensure you get the perfect paddle. You can choose the grip size, handle length, and weight for a personalized experience.

  1. Prince Response Graphite Pickleball Paddle


  • Brand: Prince
  • Item weight: 226.8 Grams
  • Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Grip size: 111.2 mm
  • Length: 400 mm
  • Width: 209.5 mm


It has an enhanced sweet spot

Prince produces a Pickleball paddle with a unique rounded shape that gives its users a significant advantage over the competition, a feature you will appreciate. It has a better sweet spot and a more effective playing surface to win your games.

Versatile handle

This paddle has a more extended handle than most, and it increases the flexibility of your hand. The flexible grip size allows for more wrist action, and the length allows easy switching between the forehand and backhand.

Vibration reduction for smooth play

A smooth, stable paddle like the Prince Response paddle allows you to return shots precisely. It also absorbs vibrational energy from the impact to keep your wrists safe as you play.

Speed and maneuverability

The paddle’s weight range and size allow you to move rather quickly and respond to everything the opponent throws at you. You can guard against slams, reach for distant balls, and swiftly shift the paddle’s angle.

  1. Prince Quantum Pro Pickleball Paddle


  • Brand: Prince
  • Item weight: 215.5 Grams
  • Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Grip size: 111.2 mm
  • Length: 393.97 mm
  • Width: 209.5 mm


Highly reactive core

The core in this paddle will help you control the ball with more accuracy to win the game more quickly. 

Each strike will take all the force you send from your hands into the ball, and you will be much better off on the court.

Extended paddle length

The extended paddle length allows a player more reach, which can be advantageous for slow players as it enables them to reach further.

You will get more flexibility with the handle to switch between the forehand and backhand, making it a great choice.

High forgiveness on the edges

The design is smooth, so you can have complete control over the ball even if you hit it on the side, which increases the accuracy of your shots.

Different size and weight choices

You can choose the best size for you when considering this product. Variations in length, weight, and grip size allow you to get the perfect paddle specifications.


There are numerous options when thinking about Pickleball paddles, and one of the best ones is Prince. This reputable American company has a list of unique products that will serve you well. Hence, you have to look into them.

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