Prince Response Pickleball Paddle-A Comprehensive Review

April 4, 2022
prince response pickleball paddle

The success of any player in pickleball relies hugely on the pickleball paddle they use, the support it provides them, and the comfort and ease in using it. Every player requires a paddle that they can trust to help them be the best, and the Prince Responsive pickleball Paddle is such.

The rounded shape of the Prince Responsive Pickleball paddle is a top-notch innovation that provides brilliant support in shots to both professional players and beginners.

Quick Overview of Brand

Prince has been an innovative head in racquet sports with some of the most notable inventions in the field for the longest time. With over 50 years of experience in the area, backed by years of extensive research, testing, and production, Prince, is undeniably one of the top companies in their field.

Prince produces pickleball paddles primarily known for their large surfaces giving excellent control to players. They are also highly sought after by most top professionals in the sport.

For example, the Prince Responsive Paddle is one of their most incredible inventions.

Prince Response Pickleball Paddle


  • The Prince Responsive Pickleball Paddle is one of the most sought-after paddles in the pickleball spot. 
  • The reason lies in its one-of-a-kind sweet spot, provided by its innovative rounded shape. It offers the most control and grip, putting it at the top of other paddles.
  • The paddle allows players to maintain control of their shots while at the same time generating massive power because of its heavy polymer core.


  • Size:  Thin Grip
  • Grip size: Array
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Sport type: Pickleball
  • Manufacturer: Prince
  • Grip type: Thin


Revolutionary Shape

The innovative rounded shape of the Prince Responsive paddle provides a much larger sweet spot. The large sweet spots help by dampening the vibrations during shots impacting more power to the ball, giving a comfortable feel and better shot.

It helps a player maintain control of the ball while delivering maximum power. The paddle is suitable for professional players and beginners because of its efficient ball handling.

High Quality

A lot of research and investment is made into making the Prince responsive paddle durable and of the highest quality. The Prince Pickleball company uses top quality and assurance materials to manufacture its paddles.

The superb quality paddles give a player confidence in the support and durability of the paddles and assurance of top performance for the longest time.

Light and Well Balanced

The Prince Responsive Pickleball paddle has a lightweight design to provide easy and comfortable handling of the paddle while reducing the strain on the wrists during shots.

It also has a head-to-the-center balance, allowing players to control every point of the paddle.

Innovative Design

The impressive thick core technology of the paddle provides players with a powerful but controlled shot, giving them a competitive edge. The sweet spot enhancing shape and composite design is another innovative design that increases the shot handling capabilities of any player.

Multiple Options Available

The Prince responsive paddle comes in various options with large and small grip size options, enabling you to choose your fit depending on comfort or your game.

Slim Edge Guard

The paddle has a wide and slim edge guard, which provides the players with a larger usage space providing consistency in excellent handling all around the paddle.

What we like About Prince Response Pickleball Paddle

  • High quality

The attention given to the quality of the paddle is very admirable. The thick core surface of the paddle is of very high technology, is durable, and provides exceptional control of the ball to any player.

  • Aesthetics

The design of the Prince Responsive paddle is quite appealing. The rounded shape and extended handles are efficient and give the paddle an attractive look.

  • Various Options to Choose

The availability of the paddle in both large and small grip sizes enabling you to choose based on your comfort is one of the desirable features of the racket.

  • Large sweet spot

The rounded shape of the paddle avails a large sweet spot which increases the efficiency of controlling shots and makes it excellent to be used by beginners and professionals. 

What We Don’t Like About Prince Response Pickleball Paddle

  • Bubbling of the Surface

The bubbling on the surface of the paddle makes it quite unpleasant to some players.

  • Weak handle

The thin handle of the paddle makes it susceptible to breaking due to intense and prolonged swings.


A thoughtfully manufactured paddle goes a long way in increasing a player’s efficiency. Hence, the Prince Responsive paddle’s design improves a player’s efficiency and shot control, just as expected from the company’s aim for this product.

The large sweet spot provided by the rounded shape and the extended handle increased the player’s control while giving power to the shot. Apart from its efficiency, the design of the paddle is one of the most appealing.

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