Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle-Power and Control Master

April 12, 2022
selkirk latitude pickleball paddle

Power and control are the most critical aspects for any pickleball player, even influencing their choice of the paddle.

Every professional player wants a paddle that enables them to deliver a powerful shot while retaining control, while a beginner requires comfortable control.

The Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle is the paddle for every player providing a combination of these requirements and other innovative features to deliver one of the most potent paddles in the field. The power and control provided by this paddle are very desirable.

Quick Overview of Brand

Selkirk Sport has been a leader in innovation and technology for many years in pickleball paddle manufacture.

Selkirk sport thrives in its vision of producing equipment of uncompromising quality, making its equipment very popular among many professionals.

Selkirk Sport not only targets to provide excellence through the production of high-performance equipment but also inspires more people to participate in pickleball by redefining the world’s view on the sport. The Latitude Pickleball Paddle is one of their most breathtaking inventions. 

Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle


  • The Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle is very popular. Many professionals use it, and many other players love it mainly because it is adaptable to both professional and beginner levels of play.
  • The paddle provides a large hitting surface, increasing the sweet spot while maintaining speed.
  • The polymer Power core provides impact absorption with both control and power. The large sweet spot delivers a quick response on the court.


  • Weight 6.9-7.5 Ounces
  • Brand: Selkirk Sport
  • Grip length: 5.25 inches.
  • Paddle width:8.25 inches 
  • Paddle Height:15.65 inches
  • Skill level: Beginner to Professional
  • Sports type: Pickleball
  • Core: Honeycomb



The Latitude Pickleball Paddle is manufactured with lightweight material, which enables players to have faster hands at the net while at the same time assisting in maintaining control. 

It makes it the perfect paddle for faster players and comfortable for beginners. It enables the players to control where they place their shots by reducing miscued shots. 

Advanced grip

In addition to a large grip circumference and comfortable handle, the Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle uses an ultra-comfort grip material designed for the best comfort level. This feature absorbs the impact flowing to the hand from the paddle and sweat.

It allows players to play long interval gameplays without fatigue on the wrist, shoulder, and elbow. 

It makes the paddle one with the most advanced grip in the sport, making it a favorite of most players, professionals, and beginners alike.

Graphite Face

The Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle features a G4 graphite hitting surface built to provide ultimate control. 

It gives an advanced control and impressive feel sought after by professional and upcoming pickleball players.

The graphite hitting face provided vibration dampening by absorbing impact from the shot, giving a comfortable feel while maintaining control. It makes it desirable for all levels of play.

Polymer Core

The core of the Latitude Pickleball paddle used Selkirk sport’s Polymer Rev-Core technology in its manufacturing process—proven to be the most reliable. It gives you a consistent and comfortable feel and hit every time you strike the ball.

Impressive Edge guard

The Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle features an edge sentry edge guard handcrafted to produce an unparalleled, perfectly balanced, and solid paddle. The paddle’s edge guard technology is durable, lightweight, and low profile.

What We Like About Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle

  • Comfortable

The Latitude Pickleball Paddle gives a comfortable feel and impact absorption enabling a player to play long interval gameplays with reduced stress and strain on the wrist, shoulder, and elbow.

  • Beautiful Design

The detail of the aesthetic design of the Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle is awe-inspiring, with long handles and a power face shape.

  • Power

The lightweight feature of the Latitude pickleball paddle gives a player a comfortable feel enabling them to deliver a powerful swing. The polymer core and graphite face also provide impact absorption while retaining power and speed.

  • Cushion Grip

The large circumference grip and comfortable handle of the Latitude paddle designed with ultra-comfort grip technology provide the highest comfort level. It’s a feature enabling players to play for long intervals without fatigue.

What We Don’t Like About Selkirk Latitude Pickleball Paddle

  • Short Handle

The handle’s grip is short, making it bothersome for a double-handed shot. It would be great if the handle were a little longer.


The Selkirk Latitude Pickleball paddle is an impressive and innovative breakthrough designed to adapt to all levels of play.

The lightweight design of the paddle with the advanced core provides speed and power while maintaining control. Meanwhile, the comfort provided by the handle and cushion grip is unrivaled.

Anyone looking for an all-around paddle that is both comfortable and powerful and adapted to all levels of play would find the Selkirk Latitude paddle the most suitable.

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