Asics Pickleball Shoes: Amazing Technologies

April 12, 2022
asics pickleball shoes

Bad shoe choices usually hold back many Pickleball players when it comes to performance. For example, there aren’t many shoes designed explicitly for Pickleball players. The lack of options to choose from forces players to settle for low-quality footwear.

As a Pickleball player, you need to pick the right shoes to avoid high injury risks. Moreover, all great Pickleball shoes have similar characteristics you need to checkout. The features make the shoes comfortable and safe to play in-game.

Some famous companies like Asics manufacture high-quality Pickleball shoes. Hence, this article is specifically about the well-known Asics Pickleball shoes. It answers all your questions about this fantastic brand.

Overview of the Brand

Asics has been known for its high-performance shoes since 1960. Since its inception, it has made several inventions and innovations that contribute to record-breaking performances across different sports. 

The company develops a variety of unique Pickleball shoes to accommodate varying conditions. Plus, it ensures Pickleball players have a comfortable playing experience. 

Asics Pickleball shoes reflect the strong commitment of the company’s team. Asics Pickleball shoes feature comfort, performance, and design. The shoes also have an air ventilation system that ensures feet’ breathability plus prevents players from developing blisters. 

The company continues to develop new shoe technologies that improve its performance and quality. Asics also emphasizes innovative solutions that offer durability, ventilation, cushioning, grip, flexibility, and stability. 

Asics Pickleball Shoes  

The Asics Pickleball shoe design is for professional Pickleball players that need to up their game to the next level. You’ll surely need shoes to increase flexibility and stability when performing multidirectional movements. 

The shoes have some fantastic features, such as reducing excessive twisting to create more balanced and smoother movements.


  • Outsole flex grooves 
  • Wrap-up outsole 
  • Forefoot GEL technology 
  • Trusstic system technology


  • Item color: white and black
  • Fit: True to size
  • Item weight: 1.63 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Asics


Forefoot GEL Technology

The technology is quite exquisite and in your favorite Asics Pickleball shoes.

Today, the Asics Gel technology is standard in most shoe models and is their staple cushioning technology. Asics did introduce the technology in their products in 1986. It’s still around because of its reliability, shock-absorbing ability, and comfortable. The gel is simply a soft material. 

It’s usually put into Asics sneakers midsole to offer protection and shock absorption. It functions similarly to Nike’s Air cushioning. It’s an ideal technology for all sports and beneficial to Pickleball players. 

It increases the impact absorption during abrupt landings. Meaning it softens the blow as the Pickleball player abruptly strikes the ground. Other than adding comfort, the forefoot GEL technology prevents potential injuries. 

Trusstic System Technology 

The technology is usually in the sole’s middle part. It increases your shoe stability, preventing the Asics Pickleball shoes from twisting during movement. 

Asics Pickleball shoe shape design is according to Pickleball game motion characteristics and the shoe’s purpose. 

Trusstic technology tailoring is according to the type of shoes depending on sport’s motions to prevent them from twisting. 

Usually, the shoes twist when the Pickleball player moves the foot in different directions. Excessively twisting affects the stable movement of the player. Overall the purpose of the technology is to improve shoe stability. 

Outsole Flex Grooves 

Flex grooves in Asics Pickleball shoes run horizontally, and their primary purpose is to enable forefoot flexion. Every Pickleball player needs shoes that are flexible as possible. 

In the Asics Pickleball shoes, the feature is strategic. It accommodates any multidirectional movements. 

Overall, outsole flex grooves help increase shoe flexibility. Therefore, you’ll be able to move more freely.

Wrap-up Outsole 

Asics Pickleball shoes feature the wrap-up outsole plus a broader gauge. The feature offers the Pickleball player balanced and smoother movements. 


It’s one of the crucial features that many professional players check out. With a lightweight shoe, the player will play for longer hours. 

The Asics Pickleball shoes are lightweight and comfortable, and all these offer the Pickleball player relaxed movement on the court. 

Moreover, they are stable, smooth, flexible, and softer, making them one of the best choices in the market for any professional Pickleball player.


If you try the Asics Pickleball shoes, they’ll quickly become your favorites Pickleball shoes. Many professional Pickleball players use the shoe since it keeps their feet comfortable and how it uniquely connects the feet to the feel of the court. 

The Asics Pickleball shoe design makes it very comfortable and is significantly better than other Pickleball shoe brands.

Why We Like Asics Pickleball Shoes 

  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Forefoot GEL technology

Why We Don’t Like Asics Pickleball Shoes 

  • Slightly narrow toe base


The perfect Pickleball shoes should not be one-size-fits-all only.

However, players have varying choices since some consider some shoes’ aspects more than others. Some Pickleball players need shoes that are so comfortable, while others want ultra-lightweight designs.

The Asics Pickleball shoe is ideal for any player since it blends almost all properties that players need. They include traction, support, stability, durability, and comfort. It’s among the few brands producing pickleball shoes with excellent characteristics and remarkable technologies.

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