Nike Pickleball Shoes Review- Great Pickleball Shoes

April 12, 2022
nike pickleball shoes

Pickleball is a new sport that is gaining popularity across the world.

It’s a popular recreational activity among friends, and some individuals participate professionally in officially sanctioned tournaments. The sport enjoys a substantial player and supporter base. 

Like with any other activity, you need to have the necessary equipment. To play the game, you don’t need much.

Quick Overview

Nike is inarguably the biggest apparel company in the world. The company is famous for its excellent clothing and shoes. Moreover, The company also specializes in making sports attire, from kits to vests and, more famously, shoes.

Nike makes shoes for most sports, including Pickleball. Their products are famous for being of excellent quality.

Nike Pickleball Shoes Review


The Nike Pickleball Shoes are among the best you can get in the market. They are incredibly durable and can withstand significant wear and tear. 

These shoes are remarkable, and all the top athletes show a preference for them. They are one of the most in-demand pairs of shoes in the game. 


  • Weight: 279g
  • Gender: Unis-sex
  • Lock Type: Laces
  • Air cushion: Available
  • Material: Leather, suede, mesh rubber sole, EVA, and Nylon


Air Cushion

Anyone who has played sports will appreciate the importance of having comfortable shoes.

The Nike Pickleball shoes are comfortable, and they fit perfectly.

There is an air cushion compartment in the sole, which gives it a slight spring. It allows you to move better and easier.

The cushion also gives your heels a plush feeling. You can wear it for hours without discomfort.

Moreover, the cushion will improve your motion, particularly on jumps. It will also make landing less awkward. It is a genuinely luxurious but reasonably priced feeling.

Finally, the shoe does not cause chaffing, which is, unfortunately, a common feature of many brands.

Traction and grip

Any sport that requires you actively move your feet could use shoes with superb traction. The Nike Pickleball shoes offer unparalleled grip, and they make you move quickly.

The threads are super durable and offer excellent resistance against wear and tear. These shoes will be ideal for sleek and wet surfaces and surfaces with loose soil and gravel.

Nike certainly upped the ante with the thread design, making the footwear ideal for multiple surfaces.

Sole flex does not affect the shoe’s traction. It will still provide excellent grip even while being stretched.

Shoe sturdiness

The Nike shoes are surprisingly durable for products in their weight class. The footwear provides unparalleled resistance to degradation even after continuous use.

The shoes are ideal if you are looking for a pair that will last for years. The sturdy leather, suede, mesh rubber sole, EVA, and Nylon keep the shoes in excellent condition even after intense use.

The materials are premium, and Nike employs strict quality control standards to ensure that all the shoes leaving their factories are of excellent quality. These shoes undergo rigorous strain testing in research and development.

Shoe weight

Nike’s main intention is to create shoes that provide you with comfort and a decent motion range. They use light yet sturdy materials to ensure that the final product’s weight allows you to move freely.

The Nike Pickleball Shoes only weighs 279 grams, which is quite impressive. These shoes are so light that you’d almost feel like you aren’t wearing the game shoe.

The lightweight shoe allows for some dynamic movement, which helps in in-game play. You will be faster and jump higher thanks to these magnificent shoes.

Moisture Absorption

Moisture absorption works in two ways. The first is absorbing external water droplets to keep your feet and socks dry. The second way is to absorb sweat and prevent the shoes from feeling damp as you play.

The shoes are great as they actively absorb moisture both inside and outside. You, therefore, need not worry about sweating as you play.

The shoes also provide decent aeration to your feet while at the same time being non-porous. The feature makes the footwear impressive.

What We like about Nike Pickleball Shoes

  • Wear and tear resistance

The shoes are surprisingly durable and hyper resistant to being worn.

  • Unisex

These shoes are ideal for all genders.

  • Breathable

The shoes allow for excellent aeration. Your feet will be cool and less sweaty.

They are great for moisture absorption.

What We Don’t Like about Nike Pickleball Shoes

  • Lacing

The lacing patterns make the shoes a bit difficult to wear. Some folk also prefer laceless design.

  • Few color options

There aren’t many color options.


Nike makes shoes for most sports. People love their products for their quality and consistency.

They provide you with excellent traction, unparalleled durability, comfort, and improve your range of motion. These shoes are perfect for both athletes and recreational pickleball players.

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