Pickleball Product Review: Duck Ranger – Graphite Pickleball Paddle – Polymer Birdbone Core

October 29, 2021
Duck Ranger - Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Duck Paddles is the manufacturer of the Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle with Polymer Birdbone Core. Over at Amazon, more than 140 buyers have given this quality pickleball paddle an impressive 4.2 customer satisfaction star. That is an excellent rating considering how many hundreds of Pickleball paddles are available on the world’s largest online retail website.

The Quieter the Core, the Better

Duck Paddles says this USAPA approved paddle has the “quietest core in pickleball.” At first thought, you may not believe that the sound of a paddle hitting a pickleball means much. However, the opposite is true. When your paddle face hits a pickleball and makes a loud “pop,” this means the two surfaces are battling each other. Your paddle surface is not very forgiving, and this means limited control of the ball.

With the Duck Ranger graphite panel, the core of the hitting surface is soft but resilient. You can barely hear the ball hit the surface of the paddle, and this tells you that you are imparting more control to every shot. The surface is giving just enough to “grab” the paddle, and if you are attempting to apply a lot of power or spin to the ball, this means your control is improved over paddles with more of a resistant surface.

Good Weight for Power and Finesses Play

The paddles weigh 220 g (7.8 ounces). This construction provides more mass than lighter paddles, which means more power. However, the combination of the heavier weight with the sensitive paddle surface means you can also play a finesse game or smash those overhead shots when you need to.

Waterproof Paddle Head

If you have ever played paddleball before, you know that this seemingly simple game gives you a real workout. That means sweat. Duck Ranger has taken this into account, making your paddles waterproof. Specialized materials used in aerospace applications include carbon fibers that ensure your paddles want to deteriorate over time because of exposure to sweat and water.

The Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle with Polymer Birdbone Core is offered conveniently on Amazon for quick 2-day delivery to Prime members with no shipping fees and with a Duck Ranger logo cover. You also receive a choice of design options, one of them including a mesmerizing, hypnotic design that may help throw off the concentration of your opponents!

The Importance of Rubber Edging

One nice feature here that you usually pay through the teeth for with pickleball paddles includes the rubber edging. It not only keeps your racket edge looking good, minimizing scrapes and scratches, but it also protects the frame from damage. Additionally, there is the added benefit that if you ever whack your leg or some other body part with your paddle, you get hit with forgiving rubber padding rather than a metal edge. Pick up the highly-rated Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle with Polymer Birdbone Core to improve your gameplay without spending much money while simultaneously looking like a pro.

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