K Swiss Pickleball Women’s Shoes: A Complete Guide

April 13, 2022
k swiss pickleball shoes women's

Footwear is crucial in the sports world. It protects the soles but also for comfort, speed, and efficacy.

K-Swiss is a brand known for sports apparel and has a great line of pickleball women’s shoes. They are popular among both ladies and men due to their general design. The shoes are often inexpensive and ideal for a variety of court situations.

This article reviews the top K-Swiss women’s shoes.

Overview Of K-Swiss 

K-Swiss has been at the forefront in designing athletic shoes.

The company was started in 1986 and is a worldwide brand with physical stores and an impressive online presence. In 2013, the K-Swiss underwent a financial slump. However, a Korean investor acquired the company. It has also made its mark in the pickleball shoe market.

They have made headways in providing athletes with comfort and high performance. Moreover, they manufacture their shoes in China, designing them to accommodate high-end consumers with affordable models.

 What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • This company has invested in e-commerce and has a substantial online presence with its online store and other leading online platforms.
  • It has a wide array of comfortable, breathable, and high-performance pickleball women’s shoes.
  • Their pickleball women’s shoes are functional and have a great design.
  1. Women’s Tennis Shoe by K-Swiss Aero Court


  • An Aero Knit design makes it comfortable
  • It consists of mesh which makes it light and breathable
  • It consists of rubber soles with artificial leather making it durable 


  • Materials: sole- rubber, outer-synthetic leather
  • Lace type: lace-up
  • Color: white, pastel, black
  • Size:4-13(US)



The shoes use breathable material to keep the player comfortable as they play.

Rubber sole

It also features a rubber sole that is light, comfortable, and durable.

Synthetic leather

The outer shell of the shoes consists of artificial leather with textile inner lining adding comfort and durability.

Why We Like It

  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Complex and can be used in clay or hard courts
  • An excellent option for professional and beginner athletes
  • Affordable

Why We Don’t Like It

  • Artificial leather is not as durable as genuine leather.
  1. K-Swiss Pickleball Shoes-Hypercourt Express2


  • It is designed to allow air circulation and promote comfort
  • The rubber soles are light and provide enough traction
  • It is made from durable synthetic materials


  • Materials: sole- rubber, outer-synthetic leather
  • Closure type: lace-up
  • Color: white, silver 
  • Size:4-13(US)


Textile PU

The shoes use a type of material that is not only durable—it is light and breathable, making it easy to move around the court.

Lace closure

It uses a lace closure that appears to be the same as the shoe material giving it comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Authority sock

This feature makes the shoe comfortable and has moisture absorbency functions.

Why We Like It

  • Offers great support
  • Has moisture control 
  • Lightweight

Why We Don’t Like It

  • Poor quality sole
  1. K-Swiss Bigshot Light


  • Designed for comfort as well as aesthetic appeal
  • It has an affordable price point
  • It is lightweight and built for the court


  • Materials: sole- rubber compound
  • outer-synthetic textile with anti-drag
  • Weight: 0.67lbs
  • Closure type: lace-up
  • Color: white, silver, highrise
  • Size:5-11(US)


Aösta 7.0 Rubber sole

This sophisticated technology makes the sole durable, lightweight, and comfortable.

Synthetic Dura-Wrap Material

It features a lightweight upper material that is not only durable but comfortable and breathable.

Anti-drag Technology

It also has anti-dragging features on the sole. It is located near the heel and toes to prevent wear. 

Why We Like It

  • Anti-drag 
  • Comfortable with enough circulation
  • Affordable

Why We Don’t Like It

  • It does have enough sizes.
  1. K-Swiss Ultrashort Pickleball Women’s Shoes


  • Improved aesthetic to their previous Ultrashort models
  • It is designed to offer comfort and support
  • It has a toe drag guard for players that drag their toes


  • Materials: sole- rubber compound
  • Outer-synthetic textile with dura guard
  • Weight: 0.77lbs
  • Closure type: outrigger lacing
  • Color: white, blue, gray, peach
  • Size:5.5-8.5(US)



This impressive feature protects the sole from dragging wear.


This technology enhances comfort thanks to cushioning and shock dampeners. 

Why We Like K-Swiss Ultrashort Pickleball Women’s Shoes

  • It has great traction
  • Provides support
  • Durable with aesthetic appeal

Why We Don’t Like K-Swiss Ultrashort Pickleball Women’s Shoes

  • Heavier than most pickleball shoes
  • Need improved breathability 


The K-Swiss brand has invested in sports footwear, and their pickleball women’s rage does not disappoint.

It varies in technology with different price points for every budget. They have designs for professional athletes as well as hobbyists and beginners.

This article has reviewed some of the best in the market today. We hope the information has been helpful and informative!

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