What To Wear To Play Pickleball: 11 Must-Have Apparels 

October 30, 2021

Costumes are essential elements in pickleball sport. You need to wear the right gear to play the game. Why? The reason is not to look appealing to spectators but improve your performance and prevent injuries. 

So, if you have not been wearing the right gear to play pickleball, count yourself lucky to have ended your games unhurt. But if you’re a beginner, make it a point of duty to wear the right gear to play pickleball. 

This post will help point you to what to wear to play pickleball. Are you ready to know what’s ideal costume is for this fantastic sport? Alright, keep reading!

11 Essential Outfits You Need To Play Pickleball Sports

Firstly, Pickleball doesn’t have any specific dress code. Players can wear whatever they want. However, that doesn’t mean wearing super tight jeans to the pickleball court. Whatever you’re putting on should be comfortable and afford you some freedom to move around the court.

Now, let’s discuss the various wears to consider.

#1: T-Shirt:

A lightweight t-shirt made of cotton material is a wise choice for Pickleball. An ideal t-shirt should have excellent moisture-wicking properties and ventilation. T-shirts that stretch would also be a good option for the game. Wear a t-shirt that looks neat and appealing.

Male and females, both young and old, can wear a t-shirt to play Pickleball.

#2: Skirt and skort:

Lightweight, comfort, and style are features to consider when choosing a skirt for pickleball. You also shouldn’t neglect the quality of the material. 

Choose a skirt designed of breathable fabric. Why is this necessary? You’re going to sweat a lot. Hence, you should feel comfortable in your outfit throughout the games. 

The material used in making your skirt or skort should be able to wick sweat away, letting you feel comfortable. 

The last thing you want when playing pickleball is a distraction caused by your outfit. You have to feel comfortable throughout and after your games. It doesn’t matter if you played for an extended period. 

A Handy Tip: The difference between skirt and skort is the extra fabric covering the short. 

#3: Tennis style outfits:

Pickleball emerged from tennis, so there are similarities between both sports. Among such similarities involve the style of dressing. In short, players can play Pickleball while wearing tennis-styled outfits.

These outfits not only make players look professional. They offer enough freedom that lets you move around the court with so much ease and enjoy games to the fullest.

Furthermore, tennis-styled outfits are a wise choice for any summer tournament. Why? Most of them use light materials, which increase your chances of staying cool and refreshed when playing outdoor Pickleball during hot summer periods. 

A Handy Tip: If your preferred wear to play Pickleball is a tennis-style outfit, please choose the right size. And ensure it is lightweight and promotes proper ventilation. 

#4: Tank tops:

Tank tops are a wise choice for summer periods. However, if you want to enjoy proper ventilation and comfort, choose a tank top made of cotton material.

Any gender and age group can wear tank tops to play Pickleball. Just choose one made of the suitable material, and you’ll never regret making the tank top your outfit of choice.

#5: Sports bra:

Players don’t remain on one spot when playing pickleball. They move around the court and with varying speed levels. 

Hence, it’s wiser for female players to ensure their breasts don’t hamper their movement. Not using an appropriate bra to keep the breasts caged can be an issue. 

Now, that’s where a sports bra becomes a must-have. What’s more, you can do without a t-shirt, tank top, or tennis style outfit if you have a sports bra. 

This bra keeps the breast intact so that you can move with freedom. It also eliminates breast pain during games. 

A Handy Tip: Sports bra with breathable and soft cups would make sense, given the nature of the sport.

#6: Sweatpants:

You might not find people playing Pickleball on sweat pants every time you visit the court. However, it’s still a wise choice for the game. 

By the way, nobody said it isn’t a perfect outfit for the game. If you feel comfortable playing Pickleball in sweatpants, then go for it. 

Most people may prefer wearing sweat pants when heading to court. They may change to shorts or another outfit before games. Some players wear shorts under their sweatpants. 

A Handy Tip: Sweat pants with a combination of cotton and polyester material is a wise choice. They encourage quick-drying and improved breathability. 

#7: Athletic shorts:

Choosing the ideal shorts would not only make you appear like a pro. It will make you enjoy every bit of the game. 

Shorts use several materials, such as cotton and polyester. But polyester material is the ideal option for most people. Why? It is much lighter and dries off super fast, making you feel comfortable throughout games. 

You can find shorts from different brands on the marketer. But whatever your choice is, material type should be the focal point. 

A Handy Tip: Many brands have started producing shorts with anti-odor technology to help prevent offensive odor during and after games. This technology provides extra comfort, so it’s a welcome development. 

#8: Hats or visors:

Playing Pickleball outdoors without a hat or cap can be difficult. Why? Sweat could easily get into your eyes during games. Additionally, players wear hats or visors to prevent sunburn, especially during summer periods. 

Not wearing a hat or visor can expose your eyes to sun rays, causing you to make costly mistakes during games. Therefore, always wear a hat or visor to games, as they’re essential gears for outdoor pickleball.

Sporty visors usually boast adjustable Velcro, which enables them to stay in place much better than hats. What’s more, you’ll feel comfortable wearing a visor on your head throughout games. 

#9: Shoes and socks:

Pickleball players make tons of movements during games. Therefore, the legs must be well-protected. Otherwise, injury prevention might be difficult. Improper shoes can prove costly when playing pickleball.

Then, what shoes are ideal for pickleball? You can wear volleyball shoes, a court or tennis shoes. These shoes are solid and durable. They can also help take the stress off your feet, which sometimes players commonly experience during games.

Choosing the ideal Pickleball shoes will ensure your ankle gets the necessary supply and offer you great comfort.

However, you must make sure your shoes fit snugly, as this would make moving around a breeze.

On the other hand, socks are equally crucial as shoes and other accessories. You have to feel comfortable while playing this sport. That won’t happen if you don’t choose gears with the fitting properties.

Therefore, choose the right socks that will keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout games. An example is crew socks. Choose durable, soft textured, and moisture-wicking crew socks.

#10: Towels: 

Towels are crucial, given how sweaty one can get during games. Players need towels to clean their faces, bodies, and even paddles, as they can get slippery due to sweaty hands.

#11: Sunglasses:

Sunglasses can become essential accessories under certain conditions. Players may need them while playing pickleball on a sunny day.

The sunglasses help prevent sun rays from straining one’s eyes, which usually causes confusion and discomfort during games.

Why Getting The Right Pickleball Outfit Is Important

Any Pickleball player would like to look sporty when going to the field. But that’s not the only reason wearing the right costume is crucial for the game. 

Let’s look at some of the other reasons. 


Your focus during games improves when you’re comfortable. That’s the practical truth. Your comfort will depend mainly on the outfit you’re wearing.

Of course, if your shoes are too small and tight, you’ll end up having blisters. The same thing can happen when you wear a t-shirt or tank top that doesn’t fit properly. You won’t be comfortable.

Therefore, choose the right outfit to play Pickleball. Ensure the material is breathable, lightweight, and fits you. Your sweat should also dry off quickly, so you can feel comfortable during games.

Injury prevention: 

There’s a reason improper dressing is not acceptable when playing Pickleball. It increases one’s chances of leaving the court injured.

Not wearing shoes with durable soles and support for your ankle can make it difficult to move freely. Additionally, your shoes are supposed to take the stress off your feet. However, if you don’t wear the right shoes, that won’t happen.


Everyone knows that dressing boasts confidence. Not only is Pickleball a sport, but life in general. When you walk into the court with the suitable Pickleball wear, you won’t spend time unraveling what people think about your outfit. Instead, you’ll focus that energy on defeating your opponent.

Protects from the elements:

Playing Pickleball during summer isn’t supposed to be challenging. Yet, most people prefer to limit their games because they tend to sweat a lot and suffer sunburn.

Summertime is the ideal period to play outdoor Pickleball. Just get your costume right, and you won’t even have any reason not to play Pickleball when the sun’s scorching heat is highest.

Now, what’s the solution? Find the right t-shirt color. You can wear any bright color but black. Black doesn’t reflect sun rays. Instead, it absorbs heat, and that would cause you to sweat profusely.

Visor or a hat should not be absent from your outfit. You require either of them to prevent sunburn and ensure sweat doesn’t get into your eyes.


You might be wondering what to wear to play Pickleball. Every beginner passes through this phase. With so many options, it’s not surprising for players to get confused. 

The most important thing when choosing an outfit is to ensure you’re comfortable and well-protected. When you’re sure of both, then you can start paying attention to looks. 

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