Monarch Pickleball Paddles Review- What You Should Know

April 1, 2022
monarch pickleball paddles

Pickleball is a relatively new sport that is gaining popularity across the world. There is a sizable player and fan following for the sport. Moreover, it is a popular pastime among friends, and some people even compete professionally in officially sanctioned tournaments.

What are the things you need to know about Pickleball? First, you should have the proper equipment, just as you would with any other activity. You don’t need much to play the game.

Quick Overview

Monarch is a well-known maker of pickleball equipment. The firm manufactures high-quality, professional-grade gear and equipment for recreational and competitive players.

Monarch’s primary focus is on producing high-performance pickleball paddles that are comfortable, ergonomic, and simple.

They have a large selection of great paddles, and their items stand out for their quality and longevity.

Monarch Pickleball Paddles Review


The Monarch Pickleball Paddle is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment designed to help you perform at your best. It is one of the most incredible paddles available.

Its sturdiness and consistency are appreciated by both experts and beginners, making it one of the most popular paddles in the world.


  • Weight 0.29 Ounces
  • Grip size: Array
  • Material: Polymer and graphite
  • Skill level: Professional
  • Sports type: Pickleball
  • Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 9.25 x 1.26 inches


Monarch Absorption Technology

If you’ve ever played racket games, you’ll recognize the paddle’s capacity to absorb contact. It lets you manage fastballs and softens the sting of hard serves, allowing you to stay in control.

The core of the paddle’s head contains unique vibration damping, which dynamically redistributes impact when in contact with the paddle. Even when faced with quick balls, the function guarantees that you play consistently.

Absorption is vital because it minimizes the force on your wrist, allowing you to play for more extended periods without becoming exhausted. As a result, it is suitable for competitions.

Handle and grip design

There are various factors to consider when deciding on a handle, and the Monarch paddle checks most of them. The paddle has a solid and firm grip, which is compatible with the high quality of construction.

The grip ensures that the paddle fits firmly in your hand while playing, preventing you from mistakenly hurling it. It gives you a firm grip even if your hands are oily or sweaty, making the paddle safer to use.

The handle is also somewhat lengthy to give a comfortable grip surface, which aids in manipulating and maneuvering the paddle through challenging shots.

Paddle Weight

The weight of the paddle is critical in any racket sport. Although an ultra-light paddle is simple to operate and maneuver, it will not create much power or provide enough impact absorption.

On the other hand, a big paddle is challenging to use. It also strains your wrists, increasing your risk of injury and tiredness.

The Monarch paddle has achieved the delicate weight balance of being neither too heavy nor too light, making it ideal. The weight is spread across the neck and heat, resulting in consistent playing performance.

Build Quality

Monarch has a reputation for producing high-quality equipment, and the paddle is no exception. The strong paddle’s overall construction quality assures that it will serve you for years with minimum deterioration and excellent consistency.

The neck design is solid and well-reinforced, giving the paddle a robust feel. Its head is built of fiberglass, which makes it sturdy and flexes resistant, and helps with impact absorption.

The edge shape of the paddle is relatively small yet robust enough to endure a considerable amount of flex. The paddle will last for a long time.

Overall Ergonomics

Your ability to play comfortably and quietly significantly impacts your performance in any game or sport. It is especially true if specific equipment is required, as in activities like Pickleball.

The Monarch Pickleball paddle is one of the world’s most ergonomically designed paddles. It includes a combination of characteristics that make it both comfortable and efficient.

What We Like about Monarch Pickleball Paddles

  • Extra-long handle

The handle is pretty lengthy and provides a good amount of grip surface. As a result, you can play with ease.

  • Sleek Edge Design

The edge is thin and has a fiberglass finish. It has a sleek appearance, and the visual aesthetics are fantastic.

  • Accurate

The Pickleball paddle features a massive sweet spot, allowing for some spectacular shots. It will undoubtedly improve your game.

  • Consistency

The paddle has slight head deterioration and will help you stay competitive.

What We Don’t Like

  • The gradual development of dead zones

The paddle will ultimately acquire a dead spot after years of use.

  • Neck Design

The neck is a tad flimsy.


The Monarch Pickleball Paddle is a unique piece of equipment that will help you perform at your peak. The company creates high-quality, professional-grade equipment and apparel for leisure and competitive players.

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