Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle: Innovative

April 14, 2022
wilson echo pickleball paddle

Wilson is among professional and beginner Pickleball players’ best and most preferred brands in the Pickleball paddle market. The company commits to making Pickleball paddles with unique designs and the latest technologies. 

With a touch on their Pickleball paddle, you’ll tell the company knows what the players need in a Pickleball paddle. Their paddles have the entire necessary component a player needs.

Regardless, picking the right Pickleball paddles is usually tricky even for the pro-Pickleball players. 

To help you make the right decision, here is a complete review of the Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle. You will find all the crucial information about the paddle in this article.

Overview of the Brand

Wilson is a famous racquet brand and the first to be involved in Pickleball. The brand has been in the sporting business for more than 100 years. 

Wilson is a subsidiary of the famous Finnish group Amer sports and its location in Chicago. Wilson manufactures sports equipment for baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, etc. 

The company did start making Pickleball equipment in 2013. Their entry into the market shows how fast the Pickleball sport is garnering popularity in America. 

Wilson has a unique approach to its paddle design, and it includes three concepts. First, Wilson commits to developing the most advanced paddle technology. It also commits to being innovative. Lastly, it focuses on the needs of all player types, and that’s from professional to beginner players.

Wilson Echo Pickleball Paddle 


  • Clear spin
  • Poly core
  • Extended handle 
  • A classic shape that creates an appealing mix of power 


  • Material: Fiberglass composite
  • Grip size: 4 1/8 inches 
  • Item weight: 0.3 KG
  • Warranty: one year limited 
  • Color: white, grey
  • Users: adult (unisex)


Poly Core 

Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle features the polypropylene honeycomb core.

The core offers a superior feel on each stroke and also dampens vibrations. It’s a flexible, solid, and softcore that is also quite durable. Strikes from polymer core paddles are unique, and they feel powerful and under control. 

Polymer core is ideal for players who don’t use power only and have no wrist problems. This feature is popular today, and many brands use it in their paddles. It’s in the latest Pickleball paddle technology. 


The fiberglass/composite material is lightweight and robust. It offers shot depth and responsiveness. 

Today, fiberglass and composite are the most common Pickleball paddle surface material. Since the material isn’t strong, pickleball paddles made from fiberglass/composite are not more costly than carbon fiber and graphite paddles. The significant part of fiberglass paddles is that they generate more pop. 

Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle has more focus on precision and not power. The material’s light flex will give your pinpoint accuracy. 

Therefore, the Wilson Pickleball paddle is perfect for any player that wants to elevate their game by boosting their accuracy.

Clear Spin

The Clear Spin TCH technology is standard in most Wilson Pickleball paddles. The technology enhances spin and adds control, spin with circle-pattern.

Classic Shape 

You will surely love the Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle’s classic shape. Its classic shape gives an appealing control, feel and mix of power, making it ideal for doubles and singles.

It’s a standard shape in most Pickleball paddles and has a generous sweet spot. You will enjoy the Pickleball game with this pad.

Extended Handle 

The Pickleball paddle is extended and has an angled throat. The design will quickly provide you with a two-handed backhand grip. Extended handles are becoming quite popular, and many brands are using them.

Pickleball handles with extended handles are ideal for skilled players who need more power and reach in their game. 

The design slightly raises the sweet spot position. However, if you don’t use extended handles, it’ll take a few games to get used to it. It’s also ideal for single players since it offers extra reach.

Bumper Guard

The Pickleball paddle features a dampening bumper guard to extend the paddle’s life. It protects the paddle’s edge against things such as abrasions.

Why We Like Echo Pickleball Paddle

  • Lightweight 
  • Classic shape 
  • Clear spin
  • Extended handle 

Why We Don’t Like Echo Pickleball Paddle 

  • Not durable 


Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle is for avid players who love power and fantastic paddle feel.

What makes the Pickleball paddle ideal is its lightweight fiberglass composite surface.

The Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle will help you keep your opponents on edge. The polycomb construction is unique and ensures proper power distribution across the entire hitting surface. Therefore, even that off-center shot you make will have power and pace.

The Pickleball paddle also features the shock stop dampening that offers protection against things like abrasion, extending the paddle’s life.

The pad’s color is white, giving it a clean look. If you need a fantastic paddle to kick start your career or improve it, you should pick the Wilson Echo Pickleball paddle.

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