How To Practice Pickleball Alone: 5 Ways To Make It Happen

November 7, 2021

It’s good to have a friend or partner around whenever you’re heading to the court to play pickleball. At least, you’ll have someone to practice with. 

When you play the ball to the other side of the court, and there’s someone there to return it, training becomes interesting. 

But let’s be realistic, what if you have no one to accompany you to the pickleball court some days? How can you practice, given the circumstances? 

Perhaps, you haven’t thought about this before. So, consider this a possibility. Your friend or supposed partner may have other engagements they cannot forgo. But that doesn’t imply that you should cancel your training for that day. 

In this post, we’ll discuss ways players can practice effectively alone. Keep reading to know how this can be possible. 

Tip#1: Try The Pickleball Perfect Pitch Rebounder Net: 

Pickleball is gradually taking over the world. You can say it’s a matter of time before the world as a whole starts playing and discussing pickleball, the same way they treat tennis. 

So, if you have made pickleball your favorite sport, investing in the right training aids is an excellent way to take your game to the next level. 

Training aids will help boost your skills level and expertise in the game. And one that can offer you great value for the money is the Pickleball Perfect Pitch Rebounder Net. 

With this training aid, you will no longer have to worry about your partner’s absence. And you can train and improve your game in record time. 

What sets this training aid apart? Well, besides the fact that it can help you practice alone, setting up the Pickleball Perfect Pitch Rebounder Net is a breeze. What’s more, you don’t even need any tool to assemble it. 

Another exciting thing is that you can set up this fantastic machine anywhere. These include the gym, driveway, or any open space conducive for you to practice for a considerable period. 

How does the Pitch Rebounder Net function? It is simple yet impactful. All there is to do is hit the ball onto the net as if you’re playing to someone. The ball will rebound upon touching the net, giving you the chance to strike again. 

The Pitch Rebounder Net is a joy to use for training. The fact that it suits all skill levels, such as beginners, intermediary, and advanced players, makes it a must-have for every pickleball player. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that when the ball rebounds after landing on the net, you would only have 1.6 seconds in between hits. Therefore, you must be super fast, calculative, and responsive. Even if you don’t possess all these traits mentioned, consistent use of the Pitch Rebounder Net will help you develop them. 

Tip#2: Use The Pickleball Tutor Oscillation:

Who says you need a training partner when you have the Pickleball Tutor Oscillation around? This training aid can hold approximately 125 indoor and outdoor balls. So, you’ll have the opportunity you have always craved to practice for extended periods.

The Tutor Oscillation’s random oscillation isn’t the only feature that will melt your heart. It can also shoot balls from side to side. What’s more, you can perfect your skills with this machine with ease. Improve your groundstrokes, high hits, backhand, and more. 

Is the Tutor Oscillation’s speed adjustable? Yes, it is. And you would most likely adore this feature when you start using this training aid. 

You can switch the speed from the lowest to the highest. But it would make sense to start from the lowest point and increase it gradually. Don’t start from the fastest level. Understand the machine and achieve a balance with the lowest speed, then walk your way up. 

Can you adjust the frequency at which the Tutor Oscillation releases pickleball? Again, yes, you can modify it. You can set the machine to be releasing one ball every 10 seconds or set it to a lesser time. 

The Tutor Oscillator uses a rechargeable battery; a big plus, as it can last for 3 to 4 hours. The battery also charges quicker, and battery life is reasonable. 

By the way, training for 3 to 4 hours is a lot of time to make some meaningful improvement in skill level. 

Another critical thing you should remember is that the Pickleball Tutor Oscillation does not require any assembling. It comes assembled. Therefore, all there is to do is charge the battery for a couple of hours and start practicing. 

Tip#3: Wall Practice:

This method of training alone is old but quite effective. Tennis players use this practice technique too. 

Now, how is the wall practice done? It is simply hitting the pickleball against the wall. You can use any wall. Just ensure there’s enough space for you to move around freely. 

Firstly, prepare the wall. Place a tape at pickleball net height on the wall before you start hitting the ball towards it. 

Excitingly, you can practice and improve your serves, dinks, drives, and even volleys via wall practice. 

However, if you want to move a bit far from the wall, but ensure the ball returns to you when hit, try using a foam training ball.   

Tip#4: Practice Drop Hits:

Drop hits are one of the training activities pickleball players can do alone. It is quite an engaging and impactful training technique. 

What do you require to practice drop hits? You only need just one paddle and a range of balls. You can get as much as 100 balls, lesser or more. Just keep in mind that the higher the number of balls you have, the longer and easier the training sessions will be. 

How do you practice drop hits? It goes like this. Drop the balls one after the other and practice hitting them, using various techniques. You can use dinks, groundstrokes, backhand, etc. 

You also have to move to different areas of the court when hitting the ball over the net to the other side of the court. Just practice using diverse speeds, heights, and placement. Keep doing this training, and you’ll witness massive improvement in your game. 

Tip#5: Mirror practice:

You can mirror practice alone indoors. You don’t need a ball, or court, just you and your paddle. But if you want, you can wear some pickleball outfits to look sporty. However, don’t bother yourself if you can’t wear a pickleball costume, anyway.   

You have to look in the mirror, swing your paddle, get into positions and make changes. So, what will the mirror practice offer you? It would give you visual feedback. If you’re not making the necessary changes, you’ll easily figure that out from the mirror.      

Please, note that you’re not to hit any ball at the mirror. And move back a bit when swinging or changing your paddle’s position. Otherwise, you may smash the mirror by mistake.


So, do you want to practice pickleball alone? You have made the right call. You don’t have to wait for your friends or partner to train. Doing so can even take you backward improvement-wise.

Besides, your practice partner may have other plans at a time when you needed them most. That’s why depending on people to train isn’t a good thing for players. But we have mentioned how you can avoid that and train alone. 

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