What Does Volley Mean In Pickleball? : An In-Depth Look At The Volley In Pickleball

October 26, 2021

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport. People of all ages and fitness levels, including many seniors, play this game.

It has been called ‘tennis on steroids’ because it combines the best elements of tennis and badminton into a fast-paced and exciting game for everyone to enjoy.

Two or four people play Pickleball on a badminton-sized court with a perforated plastic ball and with either one or two players on each team.

The object of Pickleball is simple: score more points than your opponent by hitting the ball over the net and into your opponents’ court.

What Does Volley Mean In Pickleball? 

The word “volley” has two meanings in Pickleball: it refers both to playing offense and defense simultaneously, as well as hitting the ball over another player’.

On the court, players must alternate between attacking and defending. Volley describes a play when a player becomes both the attacker and defender simultaneously.

The Rules Of Volley In Pickleball

There are several rules of passing volley in Pickleball that will help beginners become better players. These rules are simple enough for anyone to learn them quickly—all they need to do is pay attention!

  • The serve must stay below the waistline.
  • You cannot hit the ball twice in succession (you must let it bounce once).
  • The player must use a service to begin a point. It must be delivered underhand, without touching the net or any other object outside the court. The ball may bounce once on your side of the court and once on your opponent’s side.
  • The server must remain behind their end line until the ball bounces on their side of the court.
  • The game’s objective is to volley your opponent’s ball back over the net so that your opponent cannot return your shot.
  • A player will gain a point when their opponent commits a fault either by failing to return the ball over the net within the allowed three seconds or when their opponent’s shot goes out of bounds.
  • Players are allowed to paddle the ball back to their opponents, but they can only use one side of the paddle at a time. You can’t volley the ball back to your opponent if they hit it high in the air.

How To Effectively Use The Volley! 

The goal is to pass the ball across the net and into your opponent’s court at their feet. The most effective way to perform a volley is to have you and your partner stand across each other.

When fielding a volley in the Pickleball game, you want to hit it with backspin so it will bounce off the ground.

When you’re at the net, it’s better to aim your shot toward your opponent’s hip-shoulder area. The player should follow through and throw the ball after contact to ensure a good hit.

Think of the Volley as a pass. You want to hit it to an area where there is more space between you and your opponent, which will give you some time to move into that space.

Once you get your opponent deep, make sure that the next Volley is a deep one. If it’s not, your opponent can hit a winner from the baseline.

A good pickleball player will never hit the ball too hard. If you’re playing, make sure that when your team hits the ball over the net, it’s not coming back forcefully.

It is important to remember that returning the ball does not mean returning it with a lot of force. If you return the ball softly and gently, your opponent will not get any points.

Pickleball is a game of strategy, skill, and strength. It involves two sets of players, each on an indoor/outdoor court divided by a net.

Each team tries to volley the ball over or around the net to send it on their opponent’s side, with the aim of scoring points.

Types Of Volleys

Inside Out Shot Volley

The first type of Volley in Pickleball is an inside-out shot. This shot sees the player hitting the ball right on the seam, hitting behind his opponent’s paddle.

It’s usually followed by an aggressive attack on the other side of the net and uses each one to help you stay competitive and improve your skills as a player.

Punch Volley

Punch volleying is a popular way to serve in Pickleball, but many players don’t know how it works or why that makes their game better. 

Punch volleying is a technique where a player hits the ball high and their side of the court. Players often use this technique to set up an easier spike.

It’s also known as “punching” or “hitting the bucket.” The phrase may derive from “punch line,” which would make sense considering that players usually perform this Pickleball technique to set up a spike (the point of the game).

The term punch volley means serving the ball with your racket hand instead of your free hand. It works to get the ball over the net faster and more accurately than a traditional backhand. 

A backhand uses a side swing motion to hit the ball, leading to missed serves due to slower swings or poor aim.

The goal of the Volley is to hit the ball back and forth by punching it with your hand until one person misses hitting the ball, which ends the round. The first person to reach 21 points wins the game. 

Roll Volleys/Topspin Volley

The roll volley/topspin is a difficult stroke to master, but it also provides the most effective way of extending a rally.

It’s used as both an offensive and defensive tactic because it allows you to strike at the ball from below it, making it nearly impossible for your opponent to return.

A common misconception about this shot is that you need a great deal of power to do it. In reality, any player can hit the topspin volley with just a little practice and instruction. However, this doesn’t mean that performing this technique will be easy for you.

The purpose of this Volley is to help players learn to use their wrist and arm rotation effectively. It also helps them develop good footwork patterns.

The topspin volley is an advanced technique, so if you are a beginner, practice with a friend or family member first before trying this on an actual match.

Get in position for a forehand volley, but don’t hit the ball yet. Please wait until your opponent tries to return it to you. As they do, move your racket back and forth over the ball as though you were trying to hit it.

This Volley involves the player hitting volleys with both sides, front Volley and back volley while running forward to retrieve the ball after each hit.

The player should concentrate on hitting a consistent shot with each racquet swing regardless of which direction they are running.

Players should also focus on getting into position for the next shot quickly to continually move forward in a fluid motion and ensure that they are moving forward at all times.

Drop Volley/Block Volley

Drop Volley is also known as the “Cross Court” or “Down The Line.” It’s where you hit the ball cross-court either low (shallow) or high (deep).

The drop volley is one of the most effective ways to clear your opponent in a doubles match. A drop volley is an aggressive approach to attacking the net. It’s tough for your opponent to play defensive volleys and get in a good position, and you can often win outright or force them into making errors.

A block volley is one of the defensive shots that you can hit when returning serve in tennis.

The block volley has two different versions: high and low. A high block volley occurs when your racket contacts the ball at an angle between 30 and 90 degrees, while a low block volley occurs when your racket is between 60 and 120 degrees.

There are two other basic types of volleys: forehand and backhand volleys. The forehand volley involves hitting the ball across your body with your arm in front of you. On the other hand, the backhand volley means hitting the ball from behind with the arm behind you.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages once compared to one another, making it an essential part of Pickleball that players should know.


To be a great pickleball player, you have to play both offense and defense simultaneously.

If you’re inattentive and easily distracted when playing, your opponent will take advantage of you and make a point. That’s why it’s necessary to focus on both sides of the court when playing Pickleball.

While some shots may be played from the same side of the net as your opponent, you should always try to play or hit volleys from your weak side—a right-handed player hitting on the left side.

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